Shower Room Ideas

If you’d like to replace your bath for a larger shower, we’ve put together this handy guide with everything you need to know about designing a shower room?

Why Choose a Shower Room

If you have a small bathroom and you are looking to save space, a shower room is a great way to acheive this. By removing the bath and installing a walk-in shower, or a larger shower enclosure, it will provide you with extra space to move around, and will make the room appear larger.

If you already have a bathroom with a bath, creating a second bathroom with a walk-in shower or shower enclosure will create a modern and functional bathroom, whilst maximising the available space. Whether you are looking for easy accessibility, or stylish design,  choosing a walk-in shower room or enclosure will provide a practical solution.

Things to consider before you start

Prior to calling in the builders, be sure you have planned through every element of your shower room project. This should include everything from the shower tray, and enclosure style (walk-in shower or cubicle), to whether you want the shower valves to be exposed or concealed, any storage, shelving and shower room accessories.

We would also recommend installing underfloor heating to keep the floor warm underfoot and to help dry out the room. Taking your time to think things through during the planning stage, will ensure everything will work out just as you want it.

Choose a Shower Room Style

Floor & Wall Coverings

In most cases, tiles are generally the most popular covering for walls and floors, however, other options like low-maintenance sheet vinyl shower panels are also available. We have a large selection of both floor and wall tiles to suit all styles and budgets. Tiles samples are available on request free of charge.

Always choose non-porous bathroom tiles like ceramic or porcelain as porous tiles, such as slate, marble and limestone will require sealing every few months to prevent water damage. Only use floor tiles that are specifically designed for bathroom floors so they are anti-slip.

What will it cost?

The cost of installing a shower room will vary depending on the size of the room, and the type of finish required, however as a rule of thumb it will average between £5,500 and £7,000+. This will include installation, with floor-to-ceiling tiles, the bathroom suite and shower tray, and the shower enclosure. With the addition of any extra features and accessories, you can expect to pay a little more.

With the help of our expert advice, free measuring, design and planning service as well as professional installation, we can help you achieve the ideal shower room within your budget.

What Shower Room Products Do I Need?


  • A great option for a second bathroom, adding a shower room will easily increase the value of your home.
  • Choosing a shower room can be perfect for creating a contemporary look.Ideal for small bathrooms, it allows you to remove the bath and create a lot more space.
  • Accessibility is much easier, with no need to step over the bath when showering.
  • Much easier to clean with no bending over baths to worry about, and by adding a wall-hung sink and toilet, it becomes even easier.


  • Depending on the style of shower cubicle, you can feel restricted compared to a wet room or traditional bath/shower option.
  • The cost of installing a walk-in shower or shower enclosure will normally be higher that a traditional bath/shower option.
  • If the work is not carried out properly, leaks can cause extensive damage. Always use a professional fitter when installing a shower room.
  • Depending on the type of property, changing your main bathroom to a shower room can affect the value of your home, as buyers with children tend to want a bath.

What Important Features Do I Need

The Process

We will work with you through every stage of the planning, design and build process, meaning you will benefit from over 40 years of industy experience to achieve exactly what you want.


Start by planning your project, including styles, products you will need and any special features you require.


Once you have worked out your project plans, we will take your ideas and layout the desigh to best suit your needs.


Based on the design concept, we will order all the products you need, and arrange your installation.

Discuss your project with us

To discuss your next bathroom project, arrange a free measure and estimate, and to see our full range of bathroom suites, shower enclosures, wall and floor tiles.

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