Creating a stylish Cloakroom

Adding a cloakroom can many benefits, so we’ve put together this handy guide with everything you need to know about designing yours?

Benefits of adding a cloakroom

The benefits of a cloakroom toilet are many, including the convienence of having more than one toilet, especially for a busy family. The accesibility of having a toilet on the ground floor, for family and guest who have limited mobility, and the additional value it can add to your property, up to 5%.

If you already have a bathroom with a bath, and you have the space, creating a cloakroom toilet with a shower enclosure will create a modern and functional second bathroom, whilst maximising the available space.

Adding a cloakroom will provide a functional solution by utilising previously under utilised or wasted space within your home.

Things to consider before you start

Prior to starting work, be sure you have planned through every element of your cloakroom toilet project. This should include everything from the space you will lose, estimated costs, rerouting pipework and waste solutuions, electrical wiring, and adding any storage, shelving and cloakroom accessorie

We recommend that if you have a combi boiler, which provides hot water on demand rather than a hot water cylinder, you ensure it has sufficient hot water flow to supply an extra bathroom.

Taking your time to think things through during the planning stage, will ensure everything will work out just as you want it.

Choose a Cloakroom Style

Where to position your cloakroom

When adding a cloakroom toilet, you will want to position it near to an existing bathroom on the floor above, or next to the kitchen. The reason for this is the cost of adding a cloakroom toilet increase when you have to reroute plumbing, especially soil stacks and waste pipes.

In most cases you only need around 1m x 1.5m of space to make your cloakroom a workable space. One of the most popular areas to choose is under the stairs, which is ideally positioned off the main enterance. If you need to created a partition wall, always use water resistant plasterboard to avoid any damp.

What will it cost?

The cost of installing a cloakroom toilet will vary depending on the construction, and the type of finish required, however as a rule of thumb it will average between £975 and £1,500+. This will include installation, labour, fixtures, fittings and finishes like flooring and tiling. With the addition of any extra features and accessories, you can expect to pay a little more.

With the help of our expert advice, free measuring, design and planning service as well as professional installation, we can help you achieve the ideal cloakroom toilet within your budget.

What Cloakroom Products Do I Need?


  • A great option for a second bathroom, by adding a cloakroom, you will easily increase the value of your home.
  • An excellent way to create a second bathroom by utilising previously under utilised or wasted space within your home..
  • Ideal option for anyone with mobility issues, providing convenient and easy access to private toilet on the ground floor.
  • A cloakroom toilet is a practical solution, creating your own bathroom space and relieving some of the congestion for the main family bathroom.


  • You will have to give up some ground floor space to create your cloakroom toilet.
  • The cost of installing a cloakroom toilet may be too high due to the position of the water and waste pipes.
  • If the work is not carried out properly, leaks can cause extensive damage. Always use a professional fitter when installing a cloakroom toilet.
  • Adding a cloakroom toilet to a listed building may require planning permission, as you will be altering the internal fabric of the building.

What Important Features Do I Need

The Process

We will work with you through every stage of the planning, design and build process, meaning you will benefit from over 40 years of industy experience to achieve exactly what you want.


Start by planning your project, including styles, products you will need and any special features you require.


Once you have worked out your project plans, we will take your ideas and layout the desigh to best suit your needs.


Based on the design concept, we will order all the products you need, and arrange your installation.

Discuss your project with us

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